Who here got rid of all dust on their sensor with wet cleaning?

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Re: Who here got rid of all dust on their sensor with wet cleaning?

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It has been an education for me with sensor cleaning which started with lubricant on the sensor. First got the sensor loupe and rocket blower and tried all the visible dust solvents and swabs to no avail. Then went to eclipse with sensor swabs. It took a box of swabs and almost got it clean. Then purchased the Copper Hill products and got several different sized sensor wands including the small one for the V1 series and the various sized pec pads. The owner was incredibly helpful on the phone. I found the sensor wand and pec pads and eclipse to be easy and effective. Using a smaller sized wand helped avoid hitting the sides and made it easier getting into the corners and targeting the heavily coated areas of the oil laden sensor. Since that first painful introduction into sensor cleaning I have easily been using the copper hill products which I highly recommend. I want to thank other forum posters (I believe one was Robin Cassidy) who introduced me to copper hill and who helped guide me through the process.

I am contemplating purchasing a D600 but I am a little apprehensive about wet sensor cleaning which I have never done before.  How much pressure do you need to apply to the wand when you run it across the sensor?

About like writing with a pen or pencil. When I first started swabbing I didn't use enough pressure, I guess I was a little timid. But from what I understand, these AA filters are pretty tough and can tolerate more force than I would consider using.


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