1 electron = 1 photon?

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Re: QE: 1 photon above the sensor -> ~0.15 electrons?

Bernard Delley wrote:

Now you say ~0.15 electrons per photon ! You forgot to mention a reference to the detailed procedure on how this result is obtained.

I explained how I arrive at Effective QE in this earlier post , start reading from 'DxO says..'

The effective quantum efficiency has naturally several somewhat arbitrary choices in its precise definition than the more often quoted efficiency at the green standard wave length.

I believe the arbitrary choices are in trusting DxO to use D50/D55 or so lighting (they say 'daylight' lighting), that the power spectrum of a blackbody radiator around 5000-5500k emits more or less the same number of photons, that DxO measures Hsat accurately, that their Full SNR curves are obtained withouth weighing the four Bayer channels, and that the curve in question has at least a segment in it which is essentially dominated by shot noise in order to extrapolate FWC at the given camera ISO.

Both measures lead to similar conclusions about the relative efficiencies of various cameras --  But, that comparison was not the focus of interest here.

Indeed.  Thanks for your input, Bernard.

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