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Re: Don't like some of the changes

StevenN wrote:

I've only tried Lightroom 5 out briefly, but I already miss the Recovery slider and Fill light slider that they've eliminated.

I'm talking about the differences from Lightroom 3.6 (I was going to get version 4 -- until 5 beta came out).

Under the Basic controls, here's the differences:

Lightroom 3.6                                       Lightroom 5

Exposure                                                Exposure

Recovery                                                Contrast

Fill Light                                                 Highlights

Blacks                                                    Shadows

Brightness                                              Whites

Contrast                                                 Blacks

I worked on a raw photo that I previously had worked on in Lightroom 3.6, and I wasn't able to achieve the same pleasing result with version 5. But I understand that this is still in beta, so it should get better.

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I felt the same way going from v3 to v4 initially, but in fact the algorithms involved are dramatically better.   v4 gave new life to existing RAW exposures, like that old camera suddenly had a new sensor.   The practice of taking multiple exposures for HDR type blending has become very much less necessary - when I do execute such, most times one of the bracketed exposures is all that's required.

I ended up getting Martin Evening's LR4 book, which gave a lot of insight into the differences obvious and under the hood.  Give LR5 and yourself a chance to get to know each other - not to would be a disservice to your photography [g].

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