Mirrorless APS-C suggestions?

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Re: Mirrorless APS-C suggestions?

Thanks for the advice. I initially considered the NEX to be too expensive, but I'll look more seriously at it now.

I had difficulty finding a detailed review for the NX1000 sensor, but I believe it is similar or identical to the NX20.

For what it's worth, DxOMark gives the following ratings:

Sony NEX-7 81 overall(24.1 bits color depth, 13.4 EV dynamic range, 1016 ISO)

Pentax K-01 79 overall(23.7 bits color depth, 12.9 EV dynamic range, 1135 ISO)

Sony NEX-5R 78 overall (23.7 bits color depth, 13.1 EV dynamic range, 910 ISO)

Samsung NX20: 75 overall (23.4 bits color depth, 12.9 EV dynamic range, 785 ISO)

Sony NEX-3N: 74 overall (22.8 bits color depth, 12.5 EV dynamic range, 1067 ISO)

Olympus E-PL5: 72 overall(22.8 bits color depth, 12.3 EV dynamic range, 889 ISO)

Olympus E-PL1: 54 overall(21.5 bits color depth, 10.1 EV dynamic range, 487 ISO)

It seems like any of these is a vast improvement over my current E-PL1, although the poor low-light performance is somewhat offset by being able to use my legacy lenses with image stabilization.

It seems the Samsung sensor does alright, or am I missing something? Perhaps the lack of image stabilization forces the use of shorter exposures and higher ISOs, which seems to be a weakness for it. It seems the only cameras to offer in-body IS are the E-PL series and the K-01. In low-lighting I'll probably be using my prime lenses, and I wouldn't benefit from image stabilization with either the Samsung or Sony cameras.

Another concern I had was whether Samsung RAW support was widely available. I mostly use Lightroom for post-processing.



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