Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

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Re: Fuji X-S1, HS50EXR & Panasonic FZ200 Comparison

nicknd99 wrote:

I shot a very quick set this morning with the HS50EXR, X-S1 & FZ200 in the same spirit of the first comparison set. In other words how I'd mostly use the camera in the real world...handheld.  I compensated for the HS50's focal length, and shot the X-S1 and FZ200 at full optical zoom.  In addition, I selected the aperture that look most sharp in this test for each camera.  For the Fuji's it was wide open, and for the FZ200 it was stepped down to F3.2.  I also included the FZ200 shot wide open at F2.8 for comparison.  In my rush, I didn't adjust properly for exposure as you'll see the images are a bit dim, although the sun had not fully his the chimney yet.  Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, I'm finding there are bits I like about each camera.  I guess in the end it will have to be which single camera checks the most boxes for me.

SOOC, Handheld, L Size, NR Low or -2, DR100 (Fuji)

Again, do it properly. Don't rush!

Set the ISO to 100

Equalize the aperture (We know FZ200 has advantage in getting faster shutter speed due to f/2.8 but set it to f/5.6. You don't need fast shutter because you will do this on a tripod).

Equalize the shutterspeed if aperture is the same for all

Equalize the EV compensation

Turn off IS

Equalize the FL and also shoot on the longend zoom.

Enable 10 sec timer

Half-press the shutter button and make sure focus point for all is correct and in focus.

Press the shutter button.

Upload the originals

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