OBEN CC2310L or CC2310LA

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Re: OBEN CC2310L or CC2310LA

Hello and thank yoiu to all who responded.

First I had called B&H and the person that I ended up with said the LA model was built heavier and generally stronger so it would hold more weight supposedly 26 lbs., up from 17 lbs.  When I told him their specs didn't indicate this, he went away and came back several minutes later only to tell me that The LA is a heavier and stronger made product.

Gosh, after spending 40+ years in the retail business, I really hate uninformed answers.  I would rather hear "I don't know" than to con me with some abstract answer.

So I emailed them on monday asking the same question, got a auto response saying they would be in contact soon,  Here it is wednesday and still no email, so I tried the "live chat".  I ended up with Yossi and after a few minutes, he got me an answer that sounded reasonable.  The LA is a new model that has improved latches and as of now the L model is no longer available although it was available 2 days ago.

To end this discussion, I think I will buy this as it seems like a great value and until April 30, they are taking off $50.   At $199.95, this seems like a steal for a carbon fiber tripod with a lateral arm,  spreadable legs, and it also comes with a case.


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