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Re: How can you evaluate a lens you do not ow ?

I strongly agree with you that the reviewer should have used the lens before reviewing it ... but:

hm, so you say yours was decentered and you assume that all other ones are exactly the same, but non of the 17-70mm will have this issue. So you sold your SD15 because of this, and got a DP ... and all the DPs don't have any problem at all. Are you sure?

Just because one lens (or a small percentage of them) are decentered it doesn't mean that all of the 17-50mm are ... you can just send it back and get the problem fixed by Sigma. I know, it is quite annoying, I had once the same problem with my 10-20mm lens, but this is no reason to jump to wrong conclusions and give misleading advice. I could have understood you if you had said: Sigma has some quality control issues and I will not buy anything from them any more. But then, truth is, the every camera/lens manufacturer has had at some point quality control issues.

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