Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

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Re: Before I take the plunge and purchase a Nikon D800e. Any thoughts on the rumored

Robin Casady wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

If we do see a successor to the D3X in the form of a D4X, it will likely be at most 24 MP or 36 MP. Nikon has a track record of releasing its high MP sensors in lower cost bodies in the beginning, possibly to work out the bugs at the expense of early adopters before refining the same technology for use in their pro line.

The D2x was the first 12 MP Nikon making it the highest res Nikon when released.

The D3x was the first 24 MP Nikon making it the highest MP Nikon when it was released.

The D800 broke that pattern. Whether it is a new trend, or a fluke is hard to say.

What we have seen is that the pixel pitch on DX sensors sometimes predicts the pixel pitch on high MP FX sensors.

I think the odds are good that the D4x will be 54 MP.

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Robin Casady
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A D4X would almost have to be 54 MP or at least 45-50 MP to get people to buy it over the D800.  I mean for Half the price and 90% the same features as the D4X would probably have, without something like 54 MP or some other new feature like a new high end AF system there is no compelling reason to get a D4X over a D800.

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