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Re: DPR hands on preview. GR

Cane wrote:

So it's a NEX 6, with all the cool features removed?

Exactly!!! Spot on, you totally nailed it! This isn't the camera for you and that's cool because the nex is a great camera system loved by many.

For me, the new gr seems exceptional. I'm really excited about the TaV mode, as this is one of the most interesting aspects from pentax cameras. I was hoping for a viewfinder, but oh well.

The sample photos do look better than the nikon, but I doubt this will be a factor outside of pixel peeping (which I don't do).

In all, a very appealing package and one that holds more interest for me right now than the new leica M which I planned to buy but just haven't been able to get excited about (the output just looks like everything else with a ff sensor to me).

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