$1100 difference with rebate

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Re: $1100 difference with rebate

87350iroc wrote:

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Oscarroos wrote:

Not sure what rain forest you "may" go to BUT most rain forests I've been to are dark and wet.  Weather sealing, high ISO, and fast lens is what you should be considering.

I have never shot in a rain forest and probably will not any time soon. I think you are replying to the other guy, perhaps? That said tough, I wouldn't take any of this stuff into the wet I don't care what the manufacturer says about weather sealing.  None of this stuff is truly waterproof.  If you soak it long enough, water WILL end up somewhere that it shouldn't.

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This kind of comment seems common around here.  And I don't really get it.  Maybe its just me but I buy my gear to use.  And for me there is no better place to use good gear than on a once in a lifetime trip.  If you don't use it then, when will you?  For cousin billy's 13th birthday party?

Before my D600 I extensively used a lowly D40 and kit lenses.  I have put about 50k of images on this thing all around the world.  It has been in 10 below show storms, camping, some of the worlds tallest peaks, monsoon, deserts.  Nothing I have put it through has ever phased it.  It gets thrown in the backpack when I go hiking.  I even once set it up for a long exposure star trail photo with the camera pointed straight up and fell asleep while it was running.  When I woke up, the lens hood was filled with snow, about 2" worth.  Took the battery out, let it dry for the day and it worked like a champ.

Short of obvious abuse, I expect my gear to work.  If I can't trust it, it doesn't come along with me.

A trip to the rainforests of Hawaii would not concern me in the least.  Just take normal precautions and everything will be fine.  If your body is comfortable, you camera will be as well.  It is not as fragile as your body.

Yep... I agree completely... take the normal precautions and you will be fine. Keep in mind that terms like "weather sealed" have no real meaning without a specification. You know the minimum EV your camera will focus at because the associate a number with that parameter same for shutter speed, battery life, etc.  However they don’t really tell you how “wet” it can get.

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