D7100 owners having to INCREASE shutter speeds to avoid softness?

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Re: 1/focal length rule

The 1/focal length rule is just a rough guide, something that is simple and straight forward to tell beginners.  The fact is how fast of a shutter speed you need to avoid cameras shake depends on many factors.  Even for the same person it won't always be the same number.   For example if you normally can get sharp images at 2X the focal length under ideal conditions you may need 3x or 4x the focal length if you are tried, cold, out of breath, shooting at an awkward angle, using a camera without a view finder, ect.   The only way to know for sure how fast of a shutter speed YOU need to get acceptable sharpness for YOU is to actually take some test shots.  If you have a lenses with VR d oit using VR and not Using it and you will know how many extra  stops of hand holding the VR is giving YOU.

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