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rhi Gb file t wrote:

I'm not sure what would be more beneficial to your photo editing - the 6 core chip or running SATA III SSDs in RAID0.  Hopefully someone else can comment.

It greatly depends to the kind of work.
e.g. I am in school photography business. Many hundreds of files for one school, but not particular big files. (Processing for 5x7 inch printing files). Batch processing images within CS6 for optimizing images, copy several smaller pictures at one print, unsharp mask etc., output to JPG. There is hardly any benefit using RAID-0 setting of two Samsung 840 Pro SSD's (over 1000 Mb/s), in comparison to a normal hard-drive. Set CPU (i7 3770K) to 4200 Mhz (100% x42). Processing of 280 images takes 10 minutes, 30 seconds. The same processing to a hard-drive takes only 10 seconds more. CPU over-clock to 4500 Mhz, it is only 15 seconds faster.

I guess advantages using RAID-0 SSD can be found when processing huge files, e.g. to stitch 16 bit PSD files for panorama's in rows plus columns for big advertising prints (several meters). Or converting blue ray HD-movies of many Gigabytes of data. Editing movie files etc.
For that, I think you have benefit from both a fast CPU processing + RAID-0 SSD setting as well.

(E.g. 16 bit - 4.9 Gb file is loaded within Photoshop CS6 in about 5-6 seconds.)

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