Waterproof cameras which would you recommend? Samples?

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Re: Waterproof cameras which would you recommend? Samples?

One_Oldman_4U wrote:

I have to replace my AW100 waterproof camera. Does anyone have any experience and some samples (Oly TG-2, Panasonic TS-5, Pentas, etc) and do you like the results? Video is not important to me but would be nice. I just need it for everyday use and more likely not much underwater.


I don't have the TS-5 but I do have the Panasonic TS-3 and assume that they are very similar.  At the time I purchased mine, it had the best depth rating for the price.  I find the always expose lens kind of annoying and wouldn't mind more zoom.  My primary purpose for the camera was to take pictures on and underwater so the depth rating was the most important attribute for me.  If I was to replace it today, I would go would try the Nikon AW110 or maybe the Sony Rx100 with a housing.

Just curious though, if you don't plan to use it in the water are you considering regular point and shoots?  If I wasn't interested in on the water and underwater photography I would probably go with a regular point and shoot though.  I usually prefer the user interface and features of non-tough cameras more.  I attached some sample pictures from the TS-3 below.

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