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Re: backup strategies--lots of good solutions

chironNYC wrote:

There is a ton of good advice in this thread that provides different solutions for people with different needs and goals.

For myself, I think synctoy will allow me to keep all my photos on a large external 3TB Buffalo drive ($150 at Amazon) attached to my desktop and also used to create a mirror of my desktop's C: drive, and then also have the folders with photos and the Lightroom catalog from the 3 TB Buffalo drive automatically synced to a 2nd 2TB external usb drive.

This 2nd usb drive will serve both as a back of the Buffalo external drive's photos and also as a portable drive that I can take with me to use on my laptop or another computer when that is desirable. This sounds like a safe, automatic, flexible, and convenient solution for my purposes and needs.

Thank you to everyone who contributed expertise to this thread. I am sure many people will find the different advice and solutions helpful for their own particular needs.


As I think about the solution I embraced for myself in the above post, I think there may need to be one slight variation:

If I were to take the backup of the main external drive with me to edit on my laptop, I think Lightroom would not know that the photos were on the backup drive because they had not been placed there using Lightroom.

So, what I would have to do instead is 1) store my photos via import from Lightroom on the smaller 2TB usb drive; 2) back up these photos from the 2TB drive to the 3 TB Buffalo drive for safety and storage; 3) back up as a mirror my desktops's C: drive to the 3 TB Buffalo drive for safety and storage; 4) take the 2TB usb drive (with the Lightroom catalog and the photos imported by Lightroom) with me when I want to edit on another computer.

The necessity, I think, is to take for editing on another computer the drive where the photos were originally stored by Lightroom. When this drive was then returned to the desktop and plugged in, Synctoy would then backup any new images and any changes to the Lightrooom catalog from the 2TB usb drive to the 3TB Buffalo drive.

The 2TB drive would need to be both the primary, Lightroom-based storage site for photos and also the drive I take with me to edit elsewhere.



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