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edispics wrote:

Partly yes. But since this is a global site, I suspect that for many posters English is not their first, or maybe even their second language.

Oh yes.. I well understand that and of course it says much for many peole who are able to comunicate in what to them is a foreign language..  makes our system of language education seem a bit behind in many ways...  but it is not only those.. but quite often most certainly 'local' residents who seem unable to write with any fluency or correctness. I'm sure a lot of it may well be laid at the door of such as phones and the like.. with which LOADS of people seem to spend half their days in sending texts which of course have begun to have their own weird shortening of words and/or expressions..and THAT is used in other instances (posts here as an example) where correctness of writing is surely a bit less in need of artificial terms.

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