British homes are just too small

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Re: British homes are just too small

You can do great stuff in small spaces, Full length shots are ofc harder and if you want seamless white it can get trickier with less space not just for shadows but also for the background casting light back onto the subject.
With all lighting..  Every time you double the distance of the light from the subject you lose 3/4 of the light and this is one of the reason's having people step away from the white background helps as it stops the light wrapping around them.
I do some location stuff either in homes or outdoors but I also do quite a lot of shooting in my loft.  The roof is low, its floor/roof space is quite narrow but it has a decent length and it has taught me so much.
I'm moving soon so losing that great space, but I'm in talks with a small space in my home town to try and open a small studio and I will just have to be creative with the new limitations and focus on stuff that will work. If I could Id get myself a grand big space but sadly I don't have lots of money so I have to start small.
Don't let the size or space you have around you dampen your creativity...  part of being a photographer is problem solving and you will learn a lot.
It would be great if we all had unlimited funds, space and tools for our photography but then shooting in smaller places will teach you more and inspire you to be more creative on techniques you can use in other situations.

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