Why so few 60D posts here?

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Re: Because it's obsolete

ARShutterbug wrote:

Because the 60D sucks.  The 70D is so much better, from what I've heard here, that nobody wants the 60D anymore.

Funny :-).  I think Alexander is being ironic, the 70D exists only in rumours so far.  The topics on this forum can be, erm, self selected  I think the 60D is a fine camera (and so is the 7D, and so was the 50D, and so will be the 70D, and so was my old camera the 350D .... )  I have the 60D, so you should treat my opinion with a bit of scepticism, just as you should treat any 'this camera is trash' opinion on here.

Are people taking nice shots with the 60D? You be the judge:


Is anyone feeling the need to come on these boards and moan about focus calibration, autofocus tracking, pixel count, or sensor noise from images taken down a coalmine at IS12800?  Doesn't seem that they are.  You should draw your own conclusions about that.

Happy snapping.

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