It is Nikon, boys. Don't afraid.

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Re: Inglish Grandma

fotolopithecus wrote:

BartyLobethal wrote:

The subject line in your original post would more correctly have been written, "It's Nikon, boys. Don't be afraid".

nfpotter was pointing out that by using the term 'boys', this could be interpreted as excluding 'girls'. Female contributors to these forums are few. We (I) don't want to make them feel excluded from conversation. So the subject line in your original post could have been, "It's Nikon. Don't be afraid". By not mentioning gender, all genders are included.

"Don't afraid" is not grammatically correct. In this context, "Don't be afraid" is correct.


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True, but "boys" can be considered generic for anyone, unless one is a politically correct ideologue. In that event you could say "don't be afraid peoples, it's Nikon."

Why people only? What do you have against animals! Aliens algo will protests...

Be politically correct up to the (idotic) end.

To be honest, girls photographers that I know never do such loose thing as to tune autofocus. They just took camera and shoot.

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