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ericN2 wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

And I do have other interests in my retirement.. play piano, country walks, writing a book, etc.

Barrie -

I think maybe that explains it in many cases more than anything.. it does simply indicate as much as anything can do.. that we just don't have a bulk of time taken up with mundane things like work !!..  so it allows a little more time to involve yourself in your hobbies.. AND perhaps in a lot of instances at least TRY to be of help and pass on useful info to a few who are just in early photo years.

That is my sentiment, exactly.

But my motives are not wholly altruistic. I'm doing it an a desperate attempt to keep my BRAIN working. I find there is lots of intellectual exercise in revisiting knowledge and re-ordering it.... giving it structure to make the on-passing of it easier...

... and surprising myself with just how much order and structure there actually WAS, that I hadn't noticed at the time.

But I'll say one thing which IS of advantage..  the "elder statesmen" do mostly seem to show in posts a darn sight better usage of good old plain English.. I'm sorry to see such a lot in all Forums these days where many posts alas do include such a big amount of terrible usage and spelling of even common simple words..  is this what modern education has provided, I wonder ??

I don't know for sure. Perhaps you could advice me about that?

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