NEX 5R/6 and Fuji X100s

Started Apr 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX 5R/6 and Fuji X100s

cmc1 wrote:

Does anyone own a 5R or 6 along with a a Fuji X100s? I am considering getting a X100s along side my 5R but I am not sure if it will compare in terms of image quality?

Will the Fuji dissapoint? I know it's restricted with it's fixed lens but I really do like the idea of it and less important the way it looks.

Or, Just stick on the Sigma 30 to the 5R and save the cash for the new 7N?

From what I know if you get the X100s you'll be stuck with JPEGs for a while, as there's no program that can properly handle its RAW files yet.

As for IQ, the X100S JPEGs should be better than the 5R/6 JPEGs in low light situations. In good light the IQ should be similar if you got a decent lens (like the Sigma 30) on the NEX.

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