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wokphoto wrote:

Canon G1 X

Has the auto focus speed on the Canon G1 X been improved with a firmware update yet. Is it really slow? I am looking for a camera with these specs, but the notes on this forum suggest it is a "slow focus " point-n-shoot camera. I have a Canon G10 .... is it quicker than this camera /



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Hi Wok,

I had a G9 before changing to the G1X. I assume that there is not much speed and AF performance difference between the G9 & G10.  The G1X is about the same speed, not faster but also not slower. If that is sufficient for you then I don't see a problem.  However, if you just want to upgrade from your G10 to get a some better low light performance and a faster AF you might want to look into the G15 or Sony Rx100, it is smaller and faster in AF than the G1X.

If, however, you are looking for a camera that gives you the experience more like a DSLR (e.g. shallower DOF), then you might consider other options next to the G1X.  The new generation of system cameras is fast in AF, have a better dynamic range than the G1X (important for Landscape)  and combined with a pancake style power zoom lens, they are actually smaller than the G1X (e.g. Olympus PEN E-PL5, Sony Nex, Panasonic GX1). However, these power zoom lenses have a smaller zoom range and slower lens speed (max. 3.5f) (there might be also a problem with the Panasonic PZ lens - check on the m43 forum).

For size comparison:,382.335,375.360,183.335,383,ha,t

None of them is perfect, but they are substantially faster in AF and depending on your use, they could be a better option and give you more flexibility with the use of additional lenses.

Just more more remark regarding larger size sensors cameras:  I found it quite a bit of a change from the G9 to the G1X, since you have to think much more when you take pictures.  The shallower DOF can lead to lots of soft areas in your pics if you don't pay attention.  At first it frustrated me, but after a steep learning curve I started to enjoy the gained control over my outcome. If you don't already have a lot of experience with DSLRs or other system cameras, I would do some soul searching if you want to put the time and effort into changing your habit of taking pictures - if not, go with the G15.

Hope that helps a little,


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