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Re: FZ200 screen

Yep, we're all different.  I'm not going to argue with any of that because whatever works for you, works for you.

There's probably a bit of nostalgia, or something like it, involved in my love of a good EVF as well.  Like so many other people, I was initiated into the world of photography with a couple of SLRs back in the film days, and I have fond memories of experiencing (and capturing) wonderful slices of this often impressive world from behind a VF.  Since then I've had a number of digital compact/bridge cameras that while decent, haven't quite offered the same experience.  The high resolution EVF on the FZ200, though, although still somewhat smallish and certainly not exactly the same, was enough to bring it all flooding back, and leave me wondering how I'd managed to be happy without such a thing.

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