Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: Argumentum ad hominem

KingDon wrote:

Ari Aikomus wrote:

Again BS. Learn your lesson before giving instructions.

You don't know that aperture lever of Pentax K lenses may hit the adapter when you try mount Pentax K lens with EOS adapter to the

Good thing you added the word "may". Buy the secondary K-mount adapter where the  aperture lever may not hit the the optics.

What I said still stands.  There is no logical reason why you should not be able to stack two adapters, one Speedbooster and another one on top that is glassless.   All you need is Speedbooster adapter that has smaller flange distance than the K-mount.

What about Contarex Lens Speedbooster? What's the flange distance on that mount? If it's smaller than Canon, that should be plenty of space on top for K-mount glassless adapter.

"What I said still stands." So KingDon and ET2 are the same person considering that is KingDon's first post in this thread and the back and forth line of discussion was between Ari Aikomus and ET2... looks like a slip-up to me, smells like someone with 2 accounts, sounds like a violation of the forum rules. But then that is up to the moderators to decide.

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