How Idiot Proof is D7100

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jpinewoods wrote:

Thanks for the input but you are missing the point, I fear. I am not a novice and have been using SLRs, film and digital, for around 40 years. I was using an Olympus OM1 in the mid 1970s and my first Nikon was an FE when it was first launched. I will be the main user of the camera by far.

However, my business partner will need to take the odd photograph with the camera for business purposes and I need to decide whether he will be able to get by with a D7100 in auto or programme modes as he has been just about doing with the D80 or whether I would be better reducing my ambitions and plumping for a D5200 if that will be a better solution across the piece.

There is no question of not getting a new Nikon as I already have a significant amount invested in the Nikon system in glass, flash and other bits. I am also not really prepared to consider a second body for him - there would be no justification for such a purchase in business terms and it will be a business purchase.

OK I had a D5200 for about 24 hours, camera broke, waiting for replacement. (To satisfy the curious, the camera fault was with the courier, so to speak.) I get the impression that your partner is more comfortable with point and shoot, however, if as you say they can, with a little luck get something out of the D80, then it follows they should get the same from either the D5200 or D7100, they are still cameras, just like the D80. Looking at your own background, I would think that you might get a little frustrated with the D5200, the D7100 would suit better. The D7100 is going to give better access to camera controls and prove more intuitive to you from day one than the D5200 will. I do understand what its like with business partners, and I had to go it alone some time ago because they wouldn't keep up. anyway that's my story The D5200 is a fine camera btw, it is just not robust enough to survive a game of DHL football.

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