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Re: Parade shots

19andrew47 wrote:

Jan, if the titles you gave each convey your feelings for each, then I would say that it should be obvious to any who look closely at the first and last for sure.  It is sometimes strange that once we get an idea of what we see in a particular image that it isn't obvious to others.  Sometimes it still isn't seen after the explaining!  I like Chinese festivals but we don't get much in the way of that near where we live and I have never really seen any notices regarding such advents.  The winter weather here would be somewhat less condusive to the parades I guess than the weather you get


THanks Andrew- makes me feel a tiny bit better, i guess... lol. The second one... all I could think of was how 'back in the day' two people bent upon settling a score would stand back to back, walk 40 paces, turn & fire. The image reminded me of that because it looks like both of them are ready to draw their weapons. Anyway, i guess i should keep my 'funny shots' to myself

We almost always have 'ok' weather here - rather boring @ times. Honolulu is a cultural melting pot, as is San Francisco, so yeah - Chinese New Year it's a big deal in Chinatown. I go for the t-shirt, interesting & funny (to me) pictures, and for the jai & jin dui.

Thanks again.

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