D800e Red Oversaturation

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Re: D800e Red Oversaturation

Stacey_K wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

As I said, Center-weighted metering was blowing the red channel for this scene, so for that metering mode about half a stop of negative EC would have should have been used.

So... when I say I under expose a bit to avoid blowing the red channel when I think it may be an issue, you jump on me as being a total moron. Yet you then advise some negative EC might be needed to avoid blowing the red channel?

In your experience, how many times has the red channel actually blown before the green channel?  Do you even know?  You should download Rawdigger and use it to look at some of the Raw files where you are seeing the problem and then determine whether the problem is overexposure of the red channel or not -- my bet is that far more often than not overexposure of the red channel is not the problem.

This isn't rocket science and given the exposure latitude these sony sensors have and the ability in most cases to exposure bracket, why turn this into building a space shuttle?

Exposure latitude goes both ways, you can recover highlights as well as shadows.  The trick is knowing how to set up your camera to better tell you what the sensor is capturing.  It may not be simple, but it isn't rocket science either.

If you know your camera's displayed histogram is misleading you then you can either choose to be mislead by it or you can figure out how to set it up so it more accurately tells you what the sensor is actually capturing, and that was what I wrote in my very first reply to this thread (which you and others either ignored or took exception to).

When I switched to nikon the one "bad" thing I have noted is red flowers etc tend to blow the red channel or at least are over saturated to the point of blowing all the detail out when viewed/printed at the defaultish settings.

Yes, the default setting are often an issue here, but which ones?  My point is that there are times when negative EC is required for metering and red is no more or less prone to induce that condition than many other colors we encounter; so it is not negative EC that I am objecting to, it is the notion that the red channel and Nikon sensors are the culprit (because they are not).

A slight under exposure usually takes care of most of it with maybe some desaturation in post processing. Possibly the default metering is overexposing a bit?

The problem is rarely overexposure of the red channel, so choosing negative EC is rarely the right answer.

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