My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

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Re: My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

MintTheCandy wrote:

Sorry to hear your camera got stolen.

That set aside, i'm just writing this thread to ask if i should buy another one or some other mirrorless? or quit photography -_- i really enjoyed photography during all those months.. there was not a day that i didnt use my NEX even if i was just in my room. I'm thinking that if i were to buy a lesser camera than the 6, it might feel that the new camera will just be a 'patch' and i dont want that.. if i buy another 6, even if i really enjoyed it, it feels like i just handed those robbers money and didnt get anything..

Well in fact the robbers took your money by steeling your goods, it is just nothing you can do about it. I would not buy an other type of camera for this reason. I don't think the feeling about handing money to the robbers will change when you buy an other brand camera.

Now i'm looking at Olympus OMD EM5.. its kind of expensive but i'll be saving up until then i guess..

The OMD is a nice camera, just like the Nex 6. Some things are better (faster AF, lens choice, IBIS) some are lesser (sensor size, focus peeking, video) Others are just different (handling)

When you realy did like the Nex 6, it makes no sense to go for an other camera type or brand, you may be dissapointed as the new camera may miss some important to you parts or handling. When you want to go for the OMD try handling it befor you buy. I did not like the handling of the OMD when I tied in a store. Then others loved the handling, it is very personal.

Any thoughts on what camera should i get? Any new models out there that i should wait for? Really leaning towards the OMD.. just dont like the fact it doesnt have focus peaking... was really dependent on that on the NEX...

Waiting for a new camera makes you wait forever. This year rumors tells us a new OMD and a new Nex 7 will come, so you can wait for them, then you will hear the rumor of a new Nex 6, better faster stronger.... and you will wait for that, just to hear the new nex 5 is just around the corner, whenit comes out the new Nex 7 rumors are starting to come in.....

If you like photography, and you can buy a new camera go for it and enjoy the camera you buy and forget about newer, better models.

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