My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

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Re: My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

DtEW wrote:

MintTheCandy wrote:

if i buy another 6, even if i really enjoyed it, it feels like i just handed those robbers money and didnt get anything.. Now i'm looking at Olympus OMD EM5.. its kind of expensive but i'll be saving up until then i guess..

I'm sorry for your loss...  but this line of reasoning makes no sense.

Had you said something along the lines of taking this opportunity (forced upon you) to try something different, perhaps see if the grass is indeed greener... then that's at least somewhat understandable.


Sorry if i can't explain it very well or if it doesnt make sense at all. But i just think buying another NEX6 is not worth the money since its not going to be something 'new' or i just need some lecture that the NEX6 is indeed equal or superior than the OMD.. As of now, I find the look and feel of the OMD pretty good. It's weather sealed and supports a variety of lenses. Produces pretty good IQ as well. I'm just confused if it is worth the change. But i guess i might get biased answers here, but then again maybe that's what i need for me to decide that i should just stick with the NEX line..

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