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printwoeman wrote:  * Did you mean only OEM Epson carts' chips would "count pages" & show empty - when wasn't, if you printed mostly on Draft, or compatibles, also?   If an HP compatible cart stopped printing before empty, seller replaced it free of chg - no shipping.

Unfortunately no - applies to all cartridges due way Epsons relate to their chipped cartridges.  In addition, as many have found to get their frustration levels going up, Epsons stop printing if one cartridge shows as empty even if that colour is not being used.  Always has been a PITA.  However, their saving grace has always been the superb photo quality possible.

As mentioned, answer is to use refillables - far cheaper - and use the routine I cover in my (signature linked) article in sense with refillables, when one shows as requiring replacement, refill ALL and use an inexpensive chip resetter (plent on ebay) to reset all to full - then only one cleaning cycle required - instead of one each time a cartridge is replaced.

As for the Draft mode - I have always wondered why Epson ever had that as an option - it has never been any good whatsoever as you unfortunately have found.  I am not sure but would not be surprised if anything at draft mode did not also show as though full ink flow was used in terms of how the chips record things.  If you were to use refillables, then you could in fact save ink by changing - in the Advanced properties area - the saturation, contrast and brightness settings to get a decent print but using less ink - but again refillables only can achieve that with a chip resetter as described.  Hope that helps and gives you something to think about as a procedure to use..

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