Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

Think before you buy. The only one who can tell what camera you should buy is you, no one on this forum can tell you this. We can help you look in the right direction, but it is totaly up to you.

Forget IQ, IQ for all mirrorless cameras is close. One might be a full stop better in low light or so, but most of it will not be seen in real life prints, or when not pixelpeeping on the screen.

Lenses: When one of the systems does not have the lens you need or want, go for the one that does have the lens you want. When both systems have the lenses you want then forget about lenses. The IQ of modern lenses is very good. Differenses are there, but the primes (the 24mm 35mm and the 50mm) are of great quality. the same goes for the 18-55, 18-200mm and 10-18mm zoom lenses. In real life the differenses are hardly visible.

So when IQ and lenses both are no problem for you then there are two important things to think about:

Features: Does one of the cameras has the features you realy want/need and the other not? Then go for that camera

Ergonomics: This is very personal. I don't like the ergonomics of the OM-D and love the ergonomics of the Nex 5 I own. So for me the Nex  is way better. For you it may be the other way around... Go for the camera with the best handling for you... I find at the present handling way more important then the tiny differences in IQ.

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