How Idiot Proof is D7100

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Re: How Idiot Proof is D7100

Thanks for the input but you are missing the point, I fear. I am not a novice and have been using SLRs, film and digital, for around 40 years. I was using an Olympus OM1 in the mid 1970s and my first Nikon was an FE when it was first launched. I will be the main user of the camera by far.

However, my business partner will need to take the odd photograph with the camera for business purposes and I need to decide whether he will be able to get by with a D7100 in auto or programme modes as he has been just about doing with the D80 or whether I would be better reducing my ambitions and plumping for a D5200 if that will be a better solution across the piece.

There is no question of not getting a new Nikon as I already have a significant amount invested in the Nikon system in glass, flash and other bits. I am also not really prepared to consider a second body for him - there would be no justification for such a purchase in business terms and it will be a business purchase.

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