FZ200 settings, my final countdown

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FZ200 settings, my final countdown

With my FZ200, having recently tried every possible combination of Sharpness, Noise Reduction and iResolution, I just have to settle down to something now (and I don't have an LX7 to fall back on for wide angle, landscapes, low light, etc).

FZ200 - queer as a clockwork orange, this beast.

If I am in Standard Photo Style, at Co 0,  Sa 0,  Sh -1,  Nr -2:   iRes On gives me useful sharpness and surface detail, iRes Off does not.  Increasing the Sharpness is less convincing.

Higher Sh or Nr settings seem to take me into more unstable results and I can't be bothered with them any more.  iResolution seems to have changed the old rules of the game.  Vivid Photo Style can seem to apply more sharpening and detail than higher Sharpness settings, and it can be useful for that.

I have to simplify what I am doing and stop testing things, so I am staying with:

iRes On (iZoom setting),  Co 0,  Sa 0,  Sh -1,  Nr -2,  AWB Adjust 3 clicks left.  (Sa +1 occasionally, if I feel like it.)

Standard Photo Style for bright contrasty scenes which need no cheering up.

Vivid for

a)  drab, miserable scenes, shadowed subjects, if I want to cheer them up . . . or when I'm feeling like it.

b)  when I want a sharper, more detailed look, on things, birds, dogs, etc.

I've used the above settings enough now to have confidence in them at any ISO and I am really not bothered about noise/grain in shadow areas, as long as my main subject surfaces do not have excessive noise, Nr blotches or orange peel effect.

At 100-400 ISO it's better than my FZ5, FZ8, FZ38 or TZ10/ZS7, and of course at higher ISOs, and although I shall try to avoid 800-1600 ISO by using the f2.8, it's not bad at 800-1600 ISO either.

And I shall mostly avoid wide angle, big landscapes which bore me to tears anyway, and make my FZ200 unhappy . . .

Look for quirky landscape detail, less is more, the part suggests the whole, use telemacro 6x-24x, it's good for all that stuff.  And it's good for outdoor action events.

Inside churches etc I may try something like an ultralight monopod so that I can use lower ISO with slower shutter speeds, like 1/15 to 1/2 second.

No RAW, it's just not me.

So that's me, for the moment.  An alternative would be to get a different camera, but that's an even bigger can of worms, and the grass is not always greener in the next meadow.

I'll Keep Calm, and Have a Nice Cup of Tea.


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