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Re: Don't like some of the changes

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I've only tried Lightroom 5 out briefly, but I already miss the Recovery slider and Fill light slider that they've eliminated.

I'm talking about the differences from Lightroom 3.6 (I was going to get version 4 -- until 5 beta came out).

Under the Basic controls, here's the differences:

Lightroom 3.6                                       Lightroom 5

Exposure                                                Exposure

Recovery                                                Contrast

Fill Light                                                 Highlights

Blacks                                                    Shadows

Brightness                                              Whites

Contrast                                                 Blacks

I worked on a raw photo that I previously had worked on in Lightroom 3.6, and I wasn't able to achieve the same pleasing result with version 5. But I understand that this is still in beta, so it should get better.

The methodology changed between LR3 and LR4.

Takes some getting used to, but you will get there.

The new methodology is more logical, actually, with all sliders that affect "exposure" and light levels, resulting in brighter to the right and darker to the left.

In the old methodology, the "Blacks" level slider made the image darker when sliding to the right.

Since LR 4 was the first edition that I thought was worth the money, I'm not aware of the changes in the slider labelling compared to earlier versions, so I don't have to "unlearn" anything.

What I will say is that the highlight recovery in LR4 is better than any other raw developer programs that I've tried, and that's most of them.
The actual image manipulation tools in Lightroom seem to be simple and intuitive, although I cannot say that about some of the other features, although I slowly becoming more familiar with the program.

That is why I have stuck with LR since trying it (without even looking further) : the workflow is just totally intuitive and natural for me (but I don't use everything : mainly just the basics).

I've downloaded the LR 5 Beta but not yet had a chance to play with it.
It's a "doh!" situation when you've paid out for a piece of software and a new release comes along quite quickly. I hope Adobe's upgrade pricing is not too aggressive when the final release of LR5 comes out.

I've upgraded from 2 to 3 and to 4 and found the upgrade policy reasonable.

IIRC, I think that LR4 was also cheaper than previous versions for new buyers.

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