Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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I'm so glad your encouraging message

cyberstudio wrote:

Disclosure: we have a business relationship with Metabones. On one hand I am an "insider" and on the other hand please take note my viewpoints are likely biased because of this relationship.

I did personally tested Pentax K mount lenses fitment and sent them the dimension data to support K mount lenses (including making sure the very long aperture lever doesn't get in the way). There is in principle no problem whatsoever making a Pentax K lens Speed Booster, and they are looking into it.

Perceived lack of demand is not an issue for a company that support Alpa on day one. That is not the reason why there is no Pentax K at this point.


Please note that a "no" is not necessarily a hard "no" forever. As some of you have observed, there is already a long pipeline pending, including m4/3 camera bodies, and on the lens side we have yet to see Nikon F/G, Canon FD, Minolta MD and Rollei QBM. Don't get me wrong, Pentax K is every bit as important as any of the aforementioned, it is just that instead of making further promises, they have (IMHO) correctly chosen to deliver on their existing commitments first. A steady stream of new mounts are trickling out and we have already seen Contax/Yashica and Contarex. There is no inherent difficulty other than the sheer number of so many combinations of mounts to support.

The Pentax K lens must have a physical aperture ring, however. FA J and DA lenses shall not be supported in any event.

This sounds reasonable, but please note that there already are simple Pentax FA J and DA  TO NEX adapters ...

Pentax DA to NEX

...With Lock Open Switch to control the aperture of the DA lens!

This kind of simple mechanics could work also with Pentax K -> NEX speedbooster!

This way the pricing will likely be $399 instead of $449 and it will be out in the market more quickly. Most J/DA lenses do not cover FF, anyway, so I hope this would not be an unacceptable impediment.

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Thank you very much for a reply.



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