How Idiot Proof is D7100

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Re: How Idiot Proof is D7100

jpinewoods wrote:

I am still in the throes of choosing between a D5200 and D7100 as an upgrade for an old D80.

I have had a look at both and am drawn to the D7100 for the solid build, the superior viewfinder, depth of field preview button and better autofocus in low-light, important for the kind of photography I do. However, I do have some concerns over the complexity of the camera, particularly as it will be used not just by me but for our lighting business by my partner who has no real knowledge of how to operate a DSLR.

By chance he has managed to grab the a few decent images with the D80 but it needs to be set up for him and left on auto or programme modes. What worries me about the D7100 is whether the auto and programme modes are fairly idiot proof and he will still get those odd good shots.

I realise that this is really not what the camera is intended for but does anyone have experience using the camera in auto or at worst programme mode so that he can simply pick the camera up and point and shoot?

The truth is, no DSLR is idiot proof, and there is no substitute for putting in time to read and understand the book. If they are not prepared to put the effort in, then forget any DSLR, or any type of camera come to that.

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