Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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I think...

Unless someone does a lot of (Full Frame) studio work, shoots (APS-C or FF) sports or birds...that in many cases any difference in IQ between modern APS-C and M43 cameras boils down to how good someone is at doing photography. Way more than the differences in cameras. Yes FF cameras have advantages, but they are big, heavy (as are many APS-C DSLRS) and it gets old carrying them out and about. M43 is sort of at the fulcrum on the teeter-totter of balance between systems, with many reasonably small high quality camera/lens choices, adaptability, etc.

So much depends on your style of shooting. There's a reason why Bresson used a little Leica instead of a press camera, and why Ansel used a large format.

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