Paul C. Buff Einstein's... Durability/Longevity?

Started Apr 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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suprised by all the positive comments...

I guess I'm the only one, but I would say that these lights have TERRIBLE durability.

I own 3 units, all had to go in for repairs within the first 2 months of light usage.  2 had the speed ring mount fail, one just stopped flashing.  2 have also had issues with the modelling light overheating and turning off when used at full wattage (I believe that they now ship with lower wattage bulbs).

All were still under warranty, and were fixed for free, but it made for long periods of time where I couldn't shoot.

I quickly decided to upgrade to Profoto, and haven't had even a single problem since.  I also never had a single problem with the Hensel monolights I used for 6 years before that.  I decided to keep the Einsteins for high-speed work.

Recently I took out an Einstein to use on a second set (this is likely the second time I've used it since the last repair), and found out that one unit wasn't firing consistently.  Time to send it in for repair again.

From my experience, these lights have great specs, but poor functionality and terrible reliability.  If they were your only light set that you rely on for work, I would buy 2 lights for every light you need (I've actually had 2 fail on a single job before).

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