An Amazing Schism Between Markets Based on Demographics and Categories.

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Excellent all around folks.

So many perspectives can be presented here.  But the retail side has definitely been suffering the mass hordes of Zombie tog apocalypse more than commercial.

Sorry to bring Zombies into this.  For me, it's an important modern archetype to consider philosophizing about.  Forgive me if you don't see the connection here.  Check out the previews to  the latest Zombie incarnation of WWZ.

These Zombies are a different breed.  No longer an individual which can be easily avoided.  The new Zombie power against you is Psunami like, where a violent wave appears out of nowhere.  Your reaction is one of fight or flight.  Strategizing the best defense is futile.  There is no time to strategize.  There is no hope of reasoning with the Zombie wave.

The only ones to survive, are those who hide, or through experience, have prepared some level of protective insulation against the mass.  And those who hide won't last long unless advanced preparations have been made to do so.  Such is the new tog frenzy in retail photography.  I cannot count the number of $300 shoot and burn wedding/portrait togs available on Craigslist.  How can anyone fight against that, without experience, or preparation?

The commercial side of the business is better insulated.  The establishment locks the fort against the massive onslaught.  There are protocols required to enter the gates.  You better act right, talk right, walk right, lest someone accuse you of being a Zombie tog come to destroy the mansion.  Too many reputations, budgets, deadlines and potentials are on the line to risk such a fate.


But there is another way to survive the Zombie Tog Apocalypse, for those who are not insulated in the commercial side.  Now is the time for retail togs, those who survived the first wave attack, to reinvent themselves.  Begin by pulling back to the most basic fundamental principles of street level networking.  Get out there and start taking potential clients to lunch, rather than relying on web site and FB likes.  Invest yourself into the local community at the brick and mortar level.  Get to know the shop owners on main street by first name.  Make friends with other survivors of the Zombie wave.  If they are still in business, it's because they've prepared themselves.  They are the ones to create a network of friends around.  Just get out there and make more real friends.  It might take a minute, and it should.  But I truly believe that retail photography, like commercial, relies on reputation and referrals, not great deals.  Fair deals yes.  Fairness, friendship, and photography cannot go wrong.

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