The (in)significance of resolution

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Re: The (in)significance of resolution

rattymouse wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Don't know, there could be any number of reasons that had nothing to do with the intrinsic resolution of the media.

No, it was the resolution difference.  Have you ever seen a medium format print?  It is completely different from a 35mm print.  Not even close to the same.

Not only have I seen both, but I used to print both, in BW and Colour. The most impressive thing about a MF colour print was the fantastic colour. It's still better than digital in that respect, I think.

But, when it comes to digital...

I photographed one wedding with two cameras, an Olympus E-3 (10-mp) and a Canon 1DS2 (16mp).

I printed a lot in A3.

I could not tell which was which unless I looked up the Jpegs..

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