Olympus E-PL5 or Panasonic Lumix G5

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Re: Olympus E-PL5 or Panasonic Lumix G5

BigLoggerhead wrote:

So I'm about to purchase my first interchangeable lens camera and have finally narrowed it down to the two listed in the thread title. From what I can tell in doing research is that both  cameras are exceptional and both are in the budget I've set of around $500. However, there are differences which I'm sure many of you are aware of. I had pretty much decided on the Olympus when I came across the G5. I like the fact that the E-PL5 has the same sensor as the OMD which has been producing some great images but I also like the fact that the G5 has a viewfinder and is slightly larger. (I have big hands) The only thing I wonder about with the G5 is the stabilization system. Is on board stabilization better than the system being built into the lens?

HELP! I like both of these cameras and need help deciding on which one to purchase. Right now I'm leaning towards the Olympus but I'm open minded. Any input is appreciated.

Overall, for stills and video, in-lens stabilisation works better than in-body. Except for the rather magic E-M5, that's a new class of in-body stabilisation that beats any in-lens stuff or any Pen in-body stabilisation.

Meanwhile with Panasonic bodies you have no stabilisation at all with most of the primes, and no stabilisation with any legacy lens adapted to the camera.

With Olympus bodies you can have stabilisation with any lens.

New in the E-PL5 and E-PM2 is the ability to use the in-lens stabilisation of Panasonic lenses with no switch, so I use best of both worlds by having the E-PL5 use the OIS in Panasonic lenses that have it.

In my case E-PL5 plus Panasonic 14-45mm (it does have an OIS switch so can work on any Olympus by use of the switch). Plus Panasonic 45-150mm which does not have a switch so I use the E-PL5 menus to turn it on. Plus lurking are Sigma 19mm and Olympus 60mm which both have no stabilisation so then I need to use the in-body stabilisation.

Generally though I avoid using stabilisation at all, only when shutter speeds get too slow do I turn it on.

For the E-PL5 is a natural as I have long given up peering through viewfinders, and way prefer to use the LCD even though it may be hard to see at times, good for framing but maybe not good for checking focus when the viewing gets tough.

Some random notes on E-PL5 here on my pages.

Regards..... Guy

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