Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: You're missing the point - or I do not ;)

steephill wrote:

They have a full work schedule which is already falling behind by many months so any additional models such as your desired K-NEX model will take a long time to deliver. So long in fact that anyone who wants to get full use of Pentax FF lenses will probably have a suitable Pentax FF body available to them to achieve this without the use of adaptors. The gain in aperture with an APS-C body/adaptor combo will be negated by the better performance of a FF sensor.

Yep, but this was not the point of this thread...

As an aside note the registration distance of C/Y is not the same as K, nearly, but not quite. The difference is enough to frustrate infinity focus when mounting C/Y lenses on K bodies.

Hardly a problem:

Infinity adjustment


The Leitax mounts correct this of course.

And of course metabones will use proper K-mount bayonet plate (correct PK flange distance) with their PK-lens speedbooster!

I'll admit that speedbooster for Pentax K AF lenses would be very difficult (if not impossible) to implement, BUT on the other hand, the simpler - manual -  adapter should be very easy to do! And would make many of us happy. That's a point that Metabones has lost - so far ...


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