Which NX is best for low light?

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Re: the nx210 is not a good idea

tecnoworld wrote:

They seem fairly good. So you consider the nx300 much better than nx20, as to noise and dr?

Is the shutter of nx300 softer than nx200? Similar to nx20?

both yes

I would see the NX300 to be better especially when it comes to color saturation which is where the previous sensor did fail from ISO3200 and above. I am not sure about the noise and DR as such as I believe you need to get that measured with standard tools rather but I can get you my personal impression on how far up on ISO settings I would use the NX300 and that is at least 2/3 if not one stop more compared to the NX20.

As said: this is just based on my personal usage.

Rgds the shutter, the NX300 is softer more lsounding like the NX1000 and you do no longer get that harsh sound from the NX200.

The NX20 is more silent because of the electronic shutter option.

if you want to check a real silent cam...try one of those Nikons, the V1 is really silent in all aspects and related to electronic shutter ahead of the others.

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