My first decent moon pic

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Re: My first decent moon pic

narenek wrote:

Using a Nex 5N and manual lenses (can't quite afford the E mount zooms). Had a few go's before but the lenses never quite seemed to focus or have decent contrast. Just picked up a 'new' vivitar 100-300mm F4.5 and this one seems to focus nicely  with a 2x converter.

First moon shot that's a keeper IMO. Now if only registax didn't keep crashing tonight i might be able to stack some of tonights pics to improve on it.

OOC JPG cropped and lightened a little

Nice.. keep at it, and get that Registax working... (or, there are other alternatives, google "Autostakkert2") and that will tighten things up a lot.

I took your image into Photoshop and increased curves in the blue channel only and it corrects the color nicely. "Before - After" crop included.


Mike in Alaska

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