Nikon 24-70 2.8 or nikon 24-120 4 + 85 1.8g

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Re: Nikon 24-70 2.8 or nikon 24-120 4 + 85 1.8g

Juz10 wrote:

So here I am with the available funds to buy either a 24-70 f/2.8 or a 24- 120 f/4 PLUS an 85 1.8g and I am really not sure what to do.

I have always wanted the 24-70 as it is the top of the nikon game and I want to push my images to their limits but at the same time I've heard a lot of good from the 24-120 f4 which is only 1 stop slower and I love my 50 1.8g and would like another prime and have again heard alot of good from the 85 1.8g.

I would be using these lenses on a full frame d600 and mainly for weddings.

I understand the pros and cons of all 3 lenses but I would just like some honest opinions from users of these lenses whether you have either or both.


This particular lens quandary is the subject of considerable debate here.  To be perfectly honest, neither zoom is really worth the money...but for weddings, you definitely would benefit from the extra stop.  The 24-120 is probably not fast enough in some critical circumstances and the depth of field may be constricting (but you would gain 70-120mm and VR).

With that being said, I would get the 28g and the 85 1.8g and the 24-85 VR (along with your existing 50g) as a starter wedding kit for the cost.  If I had to choose one of the two zooms you are considering, it would be the 24-70.  It is a great lens (it is just over priced)  The 24-120 is a really good lens but it is aggressively priced as well.  Others may attest the virtues of the 24-120, but for the cost, the 24-85 is a better value (but neither will substitute for the 24-70 for weddings).  The 85 1.8g is sharp but prone to flare and suffers from some chromatic aberrations.  It does not focus very close either, but for the money, it is an overachiever.

If you are shooting weddings professionally, it is a rite of passage to own and use the 24-70.  You will also benefit greatly from using the focus assist from one of the speedlights (even if you are not employing a flash).  I have been to many weddings over the years and I have not been to any in the past 5 years where the main shooter did not have a 24-70 and a flash mounted.

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