Canon vixia G20 - 60i has fastest focus?

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Re: Canon vixia G20 - 60i has fastest focus?

polarizer wrote:

Hi there

I am thinking of buying G20 and started reading G10 manual online - it says that fastest focus is using 60i

focus speed shouldn't be a factor in your decision, because most of your shooting should be done with manual focus.

you have a huge advantage using a real camcorder over a dslr, because you can zoom in fully on your target in autofocus(or use push-to-focus) mode, and once focused, immediately switch to manual focus mode.

since camcorder lenses are "semi-parfocal" for want of a better term, the lens will remain largely focused through most of it's zoom range... just don't set focus at 100 yards, and expect to zoom in fully to an object that's 10 yards away, you may have to keep the picture slightly wide up close.

this is a good technique to use in very dark or twilight conditions, vs. focus hunting when using autofocus.

a real video camera, with true parfocal capability, and the proper backfocus adjustment on the lense, will stay in focus for the entire zoom range.

so... even in this age of technological tricks, there is still room for a skilled videographer to stand out amongst people who don't know how to shoot video.

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