om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Re: om-d sound even when IBIS off??

Ron Outdoors wrote:

hindesite wrote:

Ron Outdoors wrote:

hindesite wrote:

Ron Outdoors wrote:

I had googled older posts. One of the big theories originally was fan noise.

Yes, that was my theory - the noise was from the cooling fan for the jpg engine. (It was a joke, BTW).

I don't see where the gyro theory was disproved. If it sounds like a gyro and acts like a gyro, I would suspect it's a gyro. Maybe someone will take the camera apart and prove otherwise.

Oh come on, you are not serious about there being a spinning gyro in the camera? Is this the same kind of gyro used in the iPhone, and just about every tablet and phone now available?

Spinning gyros are not practical for mass-market applications, these are often solid state (MEMS) vibrating pendulums, which operate far outside human hearing range, and some have no moving parts at all.

The noise is more likely to be produced by the drive motors for the sensor, than the gyros themselves.

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I didn't say they spun.

I'm sorry, clearly my mistake.

I must somehow have misinterpreted your statement:

"The gyro sound with Canon lenses is there even if the lens/camera is held stable. The gyro spinning sound continues several seconds after the shutter is let go, when no lens correction movement would be taking place."


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I said they made a spinning sound, not that they were spinning gyros. Sorry, I haven't taken my camera apart to see. Just trying to describe what I was hearing. As I quoted, they most likely use vibrating mechanical elements. Turns out Canon uses two or more gyros per lens, making it more likely they would be audible. Olympus probably does also, to detect different types of motion (yaw, pitch, shift). Possibly, not all 5 axis's of motion detection are needed in video mode, so not all of them are activated then, resulting in less gyro noise.

You are just clutching at straws.

Why, for example, would the noise increase, even with IBIS off, as soon as you make an exposure in stills mode. Clearly, the gyros are not needed if IBIS is off. So why would they be turned on during the exposure?

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