D800e Red Oversaturation

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Re: D800e Red Oversaturation

Steve Bingham wrote:

"about half a stop of negative EC would have should have been used." Exactly what I said in the beginning!

You've taken that out of context, since I was referring to Center-weighted metering and with Matrix metering in that situation the EC went the other way.

Just to be clear, what I wrote about the red channel blowing was:

"This is very infrequently true.  The green channel blows out first far more often than the red channel."

Then you wrote:

"As for your statement on the red channel being infrequently blown and the green MOST likely - well, I definitely disagree based on my past 30 years of blowing channels."

I showed you two examples of yellow and red flowers where the green channel was indeed exposing more than the red channel.  I still maintain that the red channel blowing first happens very infrequently -- I have rarely seen it using uni-WB and shooting lots of subjects and scenes with my D200, D300, and A850.  To suggest as a rule that EC should be set negatively to deal with blown reds is less true than saying EC should be set negatively to deal with the blue channel in the sky or the green channel practically everywhere; and in fact, as a rule I generally set my camera to positive EC.

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