FZ200 vs SX50Hs - which is better?

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FZ200 vs SX50Hs - which is better?

Hi friends,

I'm from India, an architect by profession; photography is my hobby. I'm looking to buy a decent zoom bridge camera and have shortlisted the Panasonic FZ200 & Canon SX50HS. I'm not really concentrating on any specific field of photography and also not on a professional level, well, at least not yet :).

I'ld be shooting a healthy mix of outdoor & indoor shots in good light to low light conditions with decent depth-of-field. I think I'll stick to wide angle landscape & architectural shots, portraits, some telephoto, low light/night cityscapes, street shots, and some indoor & occasional wildlife shots. Also, I will mostly view the images on my computer or take A4 prints (very few).

I tested the FZ200 & SX50Hs in a store (only 1 store had the FZ200 on demo, sadly) last week and viewed the results on the LCDs only. My observations below :-

When previewing the actual images in the respective LCD screens (after taking the shots), fully zoomed in (so that both image portions in the lcds were of similar size for comparison), I did notice that the FZ200 pictures seemed to have some grains even at ISO 100 and was a bit bluish, while the SX50 appeared bit smooth (maybe bit more smooth to blur the noises) and had better colour. (Even in the Studio Comparison Tool, the FZ image appears a bit grainy and a bit bluish.) Can the settings be set so that the actual colours are reproduced?

Even in low light both performed quite well, and the image was also stable at long end of zoom of both, but sometimes the FZ200 seemed to lock AF much slower than the SX50 - was I doing something wrong or are there issues with the FZ?

The burst mode of FZ was very impressive, but the buffer flushing time was abnormally slow, compared to the SX50 - again I'm not sure whether it was due to the camera or the memory cards in them. (I did not check the cards in either to be frank.) Which cards are best to use in the FZ to reduce write times?

Both camera's had good video recording with face detection & focussing, and both was quite good to use at the long end of the zoom also. However, I would have preferred a bit more zoom intervals while previewing the images in the LCD after taking the shots in the FZ200, e.g. the FZ200 images were max zoomed in about 3-4 stages, but I could use some 6-7 stages to progressively zoom the images in the SX50 lcd. Can the zoom intervals be customised in the FZ?

I'm really sorry if I'm making my question too long, but I would appreciate getting my mind cleared before I invest in the camera (since I wont be looking for upgrades in the near future).

p.s. Also, if there are any other better options, please feel free to suggest.

p.p.s. Any news of upgrades for the FZ200 in the coming couple of months, so that I can wait a bit & get a better one? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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