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Re: Don't like some of the changes

StevenN wrote:

I've only tried Lightroom 5 out briefly, but I already miss the Recovery slider and Fill light slider that they've eliminated.

I'm talking about the differences from Lightroom 3.6 (I was going to get version 4 -- until 5 beta came out).

Under the Basic controls, here's the differences:

Lightroom 3.6                                       Lightroom 5

Exposure                                                Exposure

Recovery                                                Contrast

Fill Light                                                 Highlights

Blacks                                                    Shadows

Brightness                                              Whites

Contrast                                                 Blacks

I worked on a raw photo that I previously had worked on in Lightroom 3.6, and I wasn't able to achieve the same pleasing result with version 5. But I understand that this is still in beta, so it should get better.

These changes occurred in the transition between version 3 and 4, not between 4 and 5.

Basically, the old and new sliders correspond to one another as follows:

LR 3                  LR 4

Exposure           Exposure

Contrast            Contrast

Recovery           Highlights

Fill Light            Shadows

Blacks               Blacks

"Brightness" has no real counterpart in LR 4 as far as I am aware.

"Whites" is the logical opposite to "Blacks". With "Blacks", you adjust the lower end of the scale while keeping the top end constant. With "Whites", you adjust the upper end of the scale while keeping the lower end constant.

Most people agree that "Highlights" and "Shadows", especially "Highlights", work better than their LR 3 counterparts. The "Shadows" slider won't let you push quite as much as the "Fill Light" slider but yields more natural results (in my opinion). I am pretty sure that you will find the new sliders to work at least as well, probably better, than the old ones did once you get accustomed to them.

Personally, I had only a little experience with LR 3 before switching to LR 4, so for me the transition was easy.

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