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Re: Really?

You omitted the part where you directed insults prior to "The the insults directed at me started".

In your victimization portrayal you've also omitted the part where posters reminded you politely that your list of "get much more with Sony" wasn't meaningful to them and you; not them, YOU lobbed the first ad hominem.  YOU were the one who accused the poster of being disengenuous and lazy.   It's there for all to see...  are you really denying it?  We can see Hank's response and read yours directly after it.  Hank didn't attack you at all...  You immediately responded to his post with your vitriolic aggressive diatribe.

123Mike wrote:

Course of events:

- I proposed a setup using Sony, and pointed out that you get much more with Sony
- I was asked what more you get
- I provided a list
- Then the insults directed at me started.

Instead of recognizing the many features that sets it apart from the crowd, nothing but downplaying and using every tactic in the book to steer and detract away from it.

It's just a typical gang style fanboy attack because they didn't like how their camera didn't come out on top.

And that's really it in a nutshell.

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